Always hungry for performance

We are Alex and Cristina, two Romanians that are always looking for the best in their everyday lives and that’s why we are always hungry for performance. We have over 5 years experience in digital marketing, and we worked with some really nice online businesses from Romania and UK.

We have experience in fashion and hospitality fields, but we also work for small projects for art industry or with B2B clients. We love challenging ourselves and our partners by keeping up with latest innovations in performance marketing.

Our Values

Patience – our top skill

The little vampires, as we like to call us from time to time, know what it means to have patience. We are inspired by a motto that sounds like this: micro – speed, macro – patience. We work fast for daily achievements, but we understand that the biggest goals don’t get accomplished by night.

People at first

We believe in people and their capabilities. We think each of us has its unique force that can help his team and his partners achieve their goals. We are people and work with people. No, we don’t suck the blood out of business owners (but hey, since now, none dared to ask if we do so). We keep reminding ourselves that whatever we are doing we do it for us and our partners, and deep inside all of us are just human beings, without a business-tag.

Love conquers

Yes, you can call us naives. But hey, vampires do believe in love. Whatever you’ll do , do it with love. And the magic will happen. Trust our vampire word!



We also focus on important aspects of business processes that lead to goal achievements.

Time is value
Reaching agreed deadlines is top priority for our team.
Global approach
We always look beyond our project scope in order align with our partners business goals.
Great listners
We believe in feedback from both sides of the business. Constant feedback leads to better business.
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